Key Ways to Set Your Restaurant's Beef Burgers Apart

6 June 2022
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It seems that almost every restaurant has a beef burger on the menu. Burgers are certainly a favorite, but if you want customers to flock to your restaurant specifically for your burger, then you're going to have to do something to set yours apart from the crowd. Here are some options to explore.

1. Source your beef from a specific farm.

These days, customers are more concerned than ever before about where their food comes from. Especially when it comes to meat, they want to know their meat was produced at a good farm that takes good care of its animals. So, consider approaching some local farms, or even farms a few hours from your restaurant, and see if they'd be willing to partner with you. If your source your beef specifically from one farm, then you know how it was treated and where it comes from — and so do your customers. Include some information about the farm and its menu on your website and menu, and you'll be set.

2. Make your burgers with a unique process.

Burgers can be charcoal-grilled or cooked on a flat-top grill. But there are so many ways to add variety to these methods. You can smash a burger flat on the griddle and call it a smash burger. You can grill it over a specific type of hardwood charcoal to impart a specific flavor. Experiment with some different ways of cooking your beef burgers, and then pick the one you like best. Make sure your menu specifies that you cook the burgers in this unique way, and tell the customers a little about the process.

3. Offer some unique bun options.

Of course, a burger needs a great beef patty, but it also needs a good bun. The thing is, everyone's opinion as to what makes a good bun is different. This is why you want to offer many different options here. In addition to the classics like white and whole wheat buns, consider offering pretzel buns, lettuce buns, gluten-free buns, and any other unique ones you can find at a local bake shop. A bun with cheddar cheese running through it would be an amazing choice!

If you want your beef burgers to fly off your menu, then you need to set your burgers apart. The options above are good ways to get started. Try implementing one or two of them to help set your burgers apart.