Is It Worth It to Open a Rooftop Restaurant?

15 December 2023
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Rooftop restaurants have become increasingly popular in recent years. They offer unparalleled views of the city skyline, fresh air, and a unique experience for diners. As a restaurateur, you may be considering opening a rooftop restaurant. In this blog, explore the pros and cons of opening a rooftop restaurant so you can make an informed decision.

Location Is Key

The location of a rooftop restaurant is critical. The view must be impressive, and you need to ensure that the space is accessible to customers. Even though rooftop spaces offer an attractive atmosphere, the building must be in a good location to attract customers. If the location is on a busy street or a popular building, customers will likely be drawn in. Alternatively, if the building does not have a good reputation or is in an unsafe area, it might be better to pass on the opportunity.

Weather Is a Factor

Weather is a crucial factor to consider when opening a rooftop restaurant. Depending on your restaurant's location, it is likely to be subject to harsh weather conditions such as extreme heatwaves or rain. In such instances, the restaurant space should have some form of coverage to cater to customers during extreme temperatures or when it rains. A weather-resistant rooftop dining space will ensure customers have a comfortable dining experience irrespective of the weather conditions outside. Therefore, it is essential to have contingency plans during bad weather that can be easily set up while maintaining the restaurant's aesthetic to ensure customers still have an enjoyable experience.

Unique Atmosphere

Rooftop restaurants provide a unique dining experience for customers. Nothing compares to dining atop a building with an exceptional view. If you plan to open a rooftop restaurant, you need to ensure that the ambiance and atmosphere match the view. You should create a unique menu, select the perfect lighting, and have enough space that have customers thrilled with the experience. The service is equally crucial as it will provide customers with everything needed to have a memorable experience.

Budget Considerations

A rooftop restaurant may have a higher budget due to the specialized design, furniture, and the need for long-lasting and weather-resistant materials. Therefore, you need to consider the restaurant's hypothetical budget for it to be successful. Other factors such as maintenance, utilities, and staff should also be put into consideration.

Liable to City Regulations

Rooftop restaurants are subject to city ordinances and regulations. For instance, you may face zoning restrictions, evacuation plans, fire escapes, permits, and alcohol certifications, among others. Depending on your location, there may also be additional regulations for outdoor dining, trash removal, and noise. Conduct extensive research on the regulatory landscape to ensure that the restaurant complies with city regulations.

Opening a rooftop restaurant can be a lucrative venture for a business. The ambiance, atmosphere, and unique experience that a rooftop restaurant offers can set you apart from other restaurants in the area. However, it is crucial to take into account the location of the building, weather, budget, and regulations before investing in its setup.