How To Experience New York Style Pizza And How You May Not Have To Leave Home To Get It

27 December 2017
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It is difficult to find someone who does not love pizza. However, you might want to challenge this statement if you hate tomatoes or is lactose-intolerant. When you combine your love for pizza with your love for New York City, you are in for a real treat. Read on to find out how to experience New York style pizza and how you may not have to leave home to get it.

Go To New York City

New York City is called the melting pot for good reasons. You can experience food from all over the world. This city is probably the only place where you can get authentic Caribbean, Indian, French, Mexican, Colombian, Italian, Thai, Laotian and Chinese food. It is also famous for pizza, which makes it a good spot to experience New York style pizza.

Coal Ovens Make The Difference

Many restaurants use coal ovens to make their pizza. Cooking a pizza in a coal fired oven causes something magical to happen. This oven allows you to cook the pizza at high temperatures while yielding a perfectly baked crust. At the same time, the toppings are not overcooked.

You cannot get the same results in commercial and electric ovens. A coal oven works similar to a cast iron skillet. It seems like decades of cheese and sauce are absorb into the walls of the oven. The cheese and sauce is passed on to every pizza that is baked in the oven.

It Is All In The Technique

The technique is another thing that makes New York style pizza good. A fermentation process is used when making the dough. When making bread dough, the oxygen supply is limited. This results in the yeast only partially breaking down the sugar. This process creates carbon dioxide and alcohol, which is known as alcoholic fermentation.  

The fermentation process along with stretching out the dough instead of rolling it preserves the structure of the bubbles in your dough. The crust is one of the things that make this type of pizza good.

High Quality Ingredients Makes All Of The Difference

If you ever bought a frozen pizza, then you know it taste different than buying one at a local restaurant. High quality ingredients makes a difference in taste. You want to use good Italian cheese. The type of tomatoes and how long they are cooked also makes a difference in taste. Some restaurants use garlic to season their tomatoes and cook them for less than an hour. Others may use a variety of spices and cook the tomatoes longer. The end results are a richer and sophisticated sauce.

You do not have to leave your city to get New York style pizza. There are New York transplants living throughout the United States. This pizza is definitely one food you should experience in this lifetime. For more information, contact companies like Scittino's Italian Market Place.