Enjoy Indian Food? Give Indian-Inspired Pizza A Try

9 February 2018
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If you're a big-time pizza enthusiast who enjoys visiting as many different pizza restaurants to sample their products as possible, you'll often come across pizzerias that offer some unique pies. While many pizza restaurants keep things simple and traditional, others aren't afraid to put items on their menus that might raise an eyebrow or two. Sometimes, you'll find pizzas that are inspired by cuisine from other countries, including India. If you're also someone who enjoys Indian food, pairing this love with your love of pizza by ordering an Indian-inspired pie might just be your new favorite combination of toppings. Here are some things to enjoy about Indian-inspired pizza.

A Unique Twist On Sauce

Although a pizza's sauce might not share the same spotlight as the toppings, any good pizza starts with a good sauce. When you dine on an Indian-inspired pizza, you won't often find traditional pizza sauce. Sometimes, you'll enjoy a butter chicken-style sauce, which offers a variety of tastes and a striking orange-yellow hue. In other cases, you might encounter curry sauce or masala sauce as the base for your Indian-inspired pizza. The sauce base can often vary in spiciness, too, making it perfect if you enjoy spicy fare.

Creative Toppings

Elements of many of your favorite Indian foods may be available in the form of toppings on your Indian-inspired pizza. For example, if you enjoy Indian dishes such as chicken curry, you may find a pizza with chunks of tender chicken, onions, and peppers. If you're someone who enjoys shrimp masala, look for meaty chunks of shrimp on the top of your Indian-inspired pizza. Paneer, a popular Indian cheese that doesn't melt in the same manner as North American cheeses, can also be delicious when it's placed in chunks over the top of the pizza.

Cooling Dips

If you order an Indian-inspired pizza that is very spicy, it's nice to have something that will provide a little reprieve, as this will improve your enjoyment of the entire experience. While your traditional pizza may go well with a dipping sauce such as ranch or garlic butter, these sauces are less than ideal when you're enjoying an Indian-inspired pizza. You'll often be able to browse a selection of Indian-inspired dips that will help to cool your palate. Raita, a popular Indian dip that consists of yogurt, cucumbers, and herbs such as cilantro, is a perfect cooling dip to complement a spicy Indian-inspired pizza.