3 Reasons to Add a Distillery to Your Restaurant

11 May 2018
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The restaurant industry can be a tough one to succeed in. Many new restaurants fail a short time after they open, and competition for customers is fierce. In order to leave an impact on the community in which your restaurant operates, it can be beneficial to add a distillery to your business.

Distilleries can provide a number of financial benefits for fledgling restaurants that will help them succeed in the future.

1. A distillery expands your menu.

Giving your customers options to choose from can be beneficial when it comes to promoting your restaurant. A large menu will ensure that everyone is able to find something they enjoy when ordering a meal.

A distillery expands the drink selection available on your restaurant's menus. You can offer craft beers and specialty spirits to satisfy the tastes of most customers visiting your restaurant for a meal.

2. A distillery helps promote your brand.

Brand recognition is important when it comes to the success of a restaurant. You must work diligently to build your brand so that customers will remember your restaurant when deciding where to dine out.

The addition of a distillery to your restaurant provides you with a unique way to promote your brand. You can create customized beers and spirits that are labeled with your restaurants logo. This additional exposure can increase brand awareness and help attract more customers to your establishment.

3. A distillery targets a new demographic.

One of the most lucrative benefits the addition of a distillery to your restaurant can provide is the type of customer that a distillery targets. When you are able to offer craft beer and specialty drinks in your restaurant, you will attract customers who are interested solely in sampling these beverages.

Individuals who might not have otherwise eaten in your restaurant will come in because of the fresh beer that is brewed in your distillery. This new demographic can boost profits and help your restaurant become more successful over time.

Coming up with creative ways to market your restaurant to the public helps you stand apart from your competitors. Adding a distillery to your restaurant provides you with a unique way to expand your menu, promote brand awareness, and target niche demographics with ease. Take advantage of the benefits a state-of-the-art distillery can offer by expanding your restaurant with a distillery that lets you brew your own craft beer on site.

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