Dining While Staying At A Resort Near A Theme Park: Tips You Should Know

7 August 2018
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So, you are on your way to a resort owned by a theme park or near theme parks. There are so many things to see and do while you are vacationing there, but do not forget to eat! World-class chefs are hired by these resorts and theme parks to cook up lots of tasty eats, and you do not want to miss any of it. There will be so many choices, and you will not be able to sample every restaurant and every bistro or cafe. To help with that, here are some tips.

Get the Meal Plan

All of these resorts and theme parks offer meal plans. By all means, get the meal plan. The meal plans frequently cover at least two meals a day, and at least one snack or dessert, if not two. If you spring for the "deluxe" meal plan, you get a lot of extra food, which you will need to keep up your stamina as you move about the parks or attend entertainment events. The deluxe plans also cover the higher cost of one table dining meal, which allows you to sample at least one of the more expensive restaurants in the parks or in the resort itself.

Room Service Is Awesome

Who does not like room service? When you have hit the pavement around the parks hard, you can come back to the resort, lay down on the comfy beds, switch on the TV, and order anything from the room service menu. The resort's chefs cook it up, plate it, or box it (some resorts have their own pizza and pasta delivery service!), and have it rolled right to your room. Typically, room service IS NOT covered under most meal plans, but if you only indulge in it once or twice, the added expense is not that big of a deal.

Get out of the Resort and Try Something New Off-Property

Do not forget to get off the resort property and head out in the local city. Sure, the resort and theme parks are essentially complete cities onto themselves, but you may be missing the local flavors. Take one night to get off-property and head out into the surrounding city. Find a restaurant that is local and has something completely different from what you have seen at the resort or theme parks. Have a nice, little sit-down meal there, and your "foodie" tour will be well-rounded for it.

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