Share An Intimate Italian Meal With Your Spouse

25 March 2019
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If you don't have access to a babysitter, have a mountain of paperwork to sift through, and are burdened with several loads of dirty laundry that need to be cleaned within the next day or so, your desire to dine at your favorite Italian restaurant may seem out of reach. Why not bring the food to your home and turn your dining room into a romantic and quaint dining spot? Order some Italian specialties, slip into something comfortable, and ask your husband to pick up the food while you set up the table.

Browse The Menu And Order The Food

View the restaurant's online menu to familiarize yourself with the appetizers and entrees that are available. You could always try something new, like a distinct variety of pasta or you could go with a past favorite, such as something that you and your partner thoroughly enjoyed during a previous dining experience.

If your child is old enough to eat table food, order an item from the children's menu. Plan on feeding your child before you and your spouse sit down together so that the two of you can take your time and savor each bite of food. Before placing your order, get in touch with your partner to let him know what your dinner plans entail and to make sure that he will be able to swing by the Italian restaurant on his way home. 

Create The 'Perfect' Dining Spot

What is it about the restaurant that sets it apart from other dining establishments? Is it the dim lighting, relaxing music, secluded seating areas, or decor that makes each dining experience special? Use some aesthetics in your home's dining room that will improve the meal. Draw the curtains, set up some candles, and turn on the stereo. Cover the table with one of your finest linens and set the table.

Even though you have some responsibilities that must be handled in the near future, you should try to take your mind off of them for now. You and your spouse deserve to share some private time together, and the intimate meal may be just what you need to feel recharged.

Because you are ordering your meal, you will be saving time that would have been invested in preparing food if you were to make a home-cooked meal, so this is something positive that will reassure you about your decision to order food from the Italian eatery.