Enjoy Tacos? Give One Of These Seafood Tacos A Try

26 November 2019
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When you visit a local seafood restaurant for lunch, you'll have no shortage of unique dishes to try. Often, it pays to order off the list of lunch specials. These meals are usually priced affordably, include fresh, seasonal ingredients, and may expose you to tastes that you might not otherwise encounter. If you love tacos, you likely imagine hearty helpings of beef, beans, cheese, and hot sauce. Seafood tacos are entirely different, but definitely just as tasty. Often available in either hard- or soft-shelled varieties, much like their Mexican counterparts, here are some seafood tacos to try during your next seafood lunch.

Fish Tacos

Fish tacos are increasingly common at seafood restaurants and even conventional restaurants, so there's a good chance that this meal will be a fixture on the menu of your local seafood eatery. There are all sorts of different types of fish tacos. You'll often find tilapia, cod, or tuna as options, and it may either be grilled or lightly breaded and tried. Fish tacos have a wide range of toppings, too. Some fish tacos have fruity salsas with ingredients such as mango and pineapple, while others may contain spicy coleslaw that complements the taste of the meat.

Shrimp Tacos

Most seafood restaurants have shrimp on the menu in a variety of ways, and shrimp tacos may be a dish that catches your eye. As with fish, they can either be grilled or breaded and fried, and each variety will give you a different taste to enjoy. You'll often find ingredients such as avocado, lime, cilantro, and hot peppers alongside the shrimp in this dish, but different seafood restaurants offer different variations. Some restaurants will cross cultural barriers — for example, giving their shrimp an Asian-inspired glaze.

Lobster Tacos

As one of the most expensive types of seafood on the menu, lobster may surprise you if it's available as a taco. This can be an ideal lunch item, however, especially if you lack the time to tackle a whole lobster or are concerned about dripping butter on your shirt while doing so. Some lobster tacos are much like lobster rolls — large, sweet chunks of the lobster meat are tossed with mayonnaise and lemon juice and placed simply inside of the taco shell. In other cases, you'll find creative applications, including lobster that is seasoned with Old Bay spice. However your local establishment prepares seafood tacos, trying some for lunch can give you a new favorite dish.