Ways To Involve Kombucha In Your Wedding Reception

26 November 2019
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If you're someone who enjoys drinking kombucha — both for its unique flavor and for its wealth of health benefits — you might be keen on serving it at your upcoming wedding reception. There's a good chance that some of your guests will be aware of this drink and will appreciate seeing it available, but it's also probable that others won't have any experience with kombucha. Its presence at your wedding reception can help you to spread the word about this drink. Talk to your catering service about some ideas that you have for including kombucha as a beverage of choice. Here are some ways to involve this drink.

Have A Selection Of Flavors

Beyond its health benefits, one of the big appeals of drinking kombucha is the wide selection of flavors that are available. A fun option can be to choose some of your favorite flavors and have them available at your wedding reception. There are a few different ways that you can proceed with this idea. One option is to have a selection of bottles that your catering service can either distribute to your guests or make available at serving stations. Another option is to have a few large kegs of kombucha that people can use to serve themselves.

Share Your Homemade Batch

Some people are so passionate about kombucha that they make their own. This can be a challenging task, but if you've mastered it, you might be eager to share your skills with your wedding guests. One thing that you can do is make a batch of homemade kombucha in advance of your wedding with this occasion in mind. You might even choose to flavor it in a manner that is consistent with your wedding colors. For example, if purple will be a primary wedding color, you can make grape-flavored kombucha.

Make Punch With It

Punch is always a popular beverage at wedding receptions, and while kombucha can certainly stand on its own, you might wish to combine it with other beverages and serve the mixture in large bowls. One of the best ways to increase the fun of punch is to add fresh fruit to it. The catering company can work with you to come up with some creative mix ideas and appropriate fruits for each, and then prepare these drinks for your reception guests to enjoy. By the end of the evening, you can be confident that more than a few people will be eager to buy kombucha for themselves in the days ahead.

For more information on your options, contact a catering company.