Benefits Of An Electric Deep Fryer

25 February 2022
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A deep fryer is a fixture in most restaurants, given its ability to cook a wide range of foods in a short amount of time. If you're buying this piece of stainless steel equipment for your establishment, you'll have all sorts of options. One thing to think about is whether you want your deep fryer to run on natural gas or electricity. Many restaurant kitchens have a natural gas supply, so this fuel source can make sense. It's worthwhile, though, to consider the many benefits that an electric deep fryer can offer. Here are three benefits of choosing a product that runs on electricity.

Works In Any Kitchen

Even though a lot of commercial kitchens have access to natural gas, this isn't the case in every establishment. Your restaurant kitchen may not have this fuel source. Additionally, if you occasionally wish to take your equipment to a different location to run a pop-up restaurant, you can't be certain that it will have natural gas. Choosing a stainless steel deep fryer that you can simply plug into an electrical wall outlet will ensure that you can always use this device.

Ability To Move Around

If your restaurant kitchen has natural gas, there might be a couple of outlets in different locations to which you can connect equipment. While it's possible that you may want to set up your new deep fryer close to one of these outlets, this isn't always the case. If the deep fryer would be more useful elsewhere in the kitchen, you might have the hassle of running a long hose from the outlet to the fryer or even paying a contractor to add an extra natural gas outlet for you. An electric deep fryer can be ideal because commercial kitchens commonly have a large number of electrical outlets, which means that there's a good chance of an electric outlet being close to where you want to position the fryer.

Potential To Power With A Generator

It's common for restaurant kitchens to have generators that they can use in the event of a power interruption. If your establishment were to temporarily lose its electricity, you could easily turn on the generator and provide power to your electric deep fryer and several other pieces of equipment. However, if there were an issue with the natural gas supply, you wouldn't be able to run a deep fryer that runs off this fuel source until your local utilities company fixes the problem. Learn more about stainless steel electric deep fryers by visiting a restaurant equipment supplier like Hy-Point Restaurant Equipment & Supplies Inc.