5 Caribbean Soups You Have To Try

17 June 2021
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If you enjoy Caribbean food, make sure you explore the whole menu. In addition to some great main dishes, there are also some amazing Caribbean soups that you can enjoy. 1. Fish Tea Fish tea is a dish that is from Jamaica. It is a light soup with fish broth that is usually seasoned with thyme, pepper, and salt. It includes carrots, green onions, bell peppers, and green bananas. As for fish, usually inexpensive and small-sized fish is used in this dish, such as herrings, although the exact fish can vary. Read More 

Four Different Regional Chinese Cuisines

19 March 2021
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In the United States, Chinese food is often spoken of as if it is one cuisine. However, China is a very large country, and its cuisine actually varies a lot from region to region. If you want to expand your palate and enjoy Chinese food with a little more knowledge of what, exactly, you are tasting, then keep reading. You'll discover four of the different regional cuisines of China. Cantonese Cuisine Read More